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Breakfast served all day!


(served with toast and jelly)


One Egg and Hashbrowns


Two Eggs and Hashbrowns


One Egg and Hashbrowns with choice of meat


Two Eggs and Hashbrowns with choice of meat


D’Nicio’s Breakfast Two eggs, Hash Browns, and a Hamburger Patty. $8.45


Artemino’s and Temo’s Breakfast Two eggs, Hash Browns, and two Sausage patties. $7.65


Hungry Man Breakfast Three Eggs, Hash Browns, two strips of bacon, two sausage links, and Ham. $9.45


Brother’s “4” Breakfast Four eggs, Hash Browns, four bacon strips, four sausage links. $10.45



(served with syrup and butter)


Pancakes $5.70

^Add two eggs +$3.30


Pecan Pancakes $6.60


Chocolate Chip Pancakes $6.60


Pancakes with choice of meat $7.70

Short Stack $4.90

Vegetarian Omelette

Made with Green pepper, onion, tomato and mushrooms. $8.35


Cheese Omelette $7.80


Bacon and Cheese Omelette $8.80


Ham and Cheese Omelette $8.80


Plain Omelette $7.15


Chili Cheese Omelette $8.00


Greek Feta Cheese Omelette $9.15


Gyros Omelette Omelette filled with Gyro Meat. $8.50


Swiss Mushroom Omelette $8.50


Spinach Mushroom and Swiss Cheese Omelette $8.05


(Add cheese to any omelette for $0.95)



Kids Breakfast Menu 


One Egg, two slices of bacon, and one Pancake    $3.75


Kids Pancake               $3.45


Kids French Toast        $3.45

Soda Pop (Kids size)     $1.75



Orange Juice or Milk (No Refills)    L $2.35    Sm $2.15

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